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DODO Booth

The DODO Booth Selfie Station is very similar to the Aura except it is our Digital Only Drop Off. There is no backdrop, props or attendant. We drop it off and set it up at your event, show you how it's used and pick it up at the end of the event.

It is ideal when space is limited.  Guests will enjoy having a great time taking photos, GIFs and burst GIFs.  Choose the type of session, filter (including our “Kardashian” beauty filter!), digital props and have fun! The Aura Selfie Station also lets you share your creation to social media via text.   Choose additional options such as a custom start screen to match your theme or personalized photo template.

Look back on your special day with our unique top of the line photo booth rentals! Get fun pictures, GIFs, and videos of all of your guests that you’ll never forget! The possibilities are endless.  Custom animations, personalized photo layouts, text and social media capabilities will make your event unique! Not one event is ever the same.

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