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Freedom Centerpiece is an elegant 100% TRUE wireless, battery-operated uplight to highlight centerpiece event elements. Match any decor with this robust base uplight made to support large floral arrangements, featuring 3 varied sized rings of 39 LEDs. Freedom Centerpiece is outdoor-rated, meaning table spills are of no concern, and its polarized lenses eliminate unwanted glare for event guests! Available in black or white bases to elevate the elegance of your table setting.

Features at a Glance:

  • Elegant, centerpiece up-light highlights floral and other decorative elements.

  • 100% TRUE wireless, battery-operated.

  • Polarized lenses eliminate unwanted glare.

  • Rated for outdoor use and impervious to table spills.

  • Full wireless control and can match entire room decor color/s effortlessly.

  • Supports large vases and/or floral arrangements.

  • Robust black or white housing to blend into any event setting.

$300 (15 lights) $450 (30 lights)
with any photo booth package.

$400 (15 lights) $550 (30 lights)
without photo booth.


Prices includes delivery and set up

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